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Reconnect with Earth

Provenance Geosciences offers research project advising and academic courses in the Earth and environmental sciences in a non-scholastic environment.  Who are inspired to explore such courses?
Anyone with an interest in their Earth and environment. 
Anyone conducting an Earth or environmental investigation needing these methods. 
Any professionals who skipped the Earth and environmental sciences in high school and college, and who now need the information for real estate, banking, insurance, legal, or government related risk purposes. 
Any fellow Earth and environmental scientist needing additional specialization.
Dr. Hoaglund  provides the following access to Earth and environmental understanding. 

Earth and Environmental Research and Education Center

As part of the CanWE non-profit, two lectures are offered for free.
Most of the courses are hosted at  Some of the courses are in-progress or are being revised from previous university courses he has taught.  Thinking about buying a home?  You might want to consider Earth’s environments and hazards.  Impacted by an environmental problem? Wanting to implement sustainable practices at home or at work? 
Our scientists and partners have invaluable expertise to impart to you, attained over many years of work at contract research organizations, environmental companies, government, and academia. Provenance Geosciences is dedicated to excellence in helping you achieve your environmental and sustainability goals, including groundwater and carbon management.
Dr. Hoaglund recently founded a non-profit,

Carbon Negative Water and Energy

“to promote the research, development, education, application, production, economics, marketing, and deployment of related technologies needed to 1) reduce climate change by reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere, 2) produce fresh water from desalination, and manage freshwater by preventing salinization and neutralizing acid precipitation and acid mine drainage, and 3) promote clean energy by producing energy carriers (lithium and  hydrogen) for clean energy storage.”  For more information, visit the website: